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What my clients are saying...

“I knew I needed to find myself again but did not know how. Raquel was very patient and listened to me, made me listen to me, and made me realize where I could start my self healing journey. What she helped move inside my soul, heart and mind is something that has no price. She’s an amazing human being and life coach.”

– Susanna E.


"Thank you Raquel for all the help you have provided me for these past months! After every session I always felt satisfied because you have provided many strategies to help me advance in my life. You exceeded my expectations in every way possible and every session has truly helped me with my transformation; because even my loved ones have noticed the changes I started doing since our first session. I am glad I found such a caring and kind person who is passionate about coaching! I rate more than 5 stars!"

- Eloisa G.
"Raquel is a great listener! She asks really deep questions that always make me see things from a different perspective. She helped me learn how to celebrate my victories, to gain confidence in my own decisions and to ease my nerves. She has always made me comfortable in every session to be open and honest. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone out there looking for a professional and kind coach!"
- Ines S.
"I’ve always wondered how working with a life coach would have affected my growth and meeting Raquel at a specific moment of my journey as a human felt like a blessing. Divine timing at its finest. I’ve worked with a therapist too but coaching has been a whole different experience because you get the chance to develop processes and tools that you can easily implement in your daily life. My goals when I first met Raquel were to be able to trust myself completely, to appreciate who I am inside and out and to understand how my beliefs about myself affected my love life dynamics. Raquel was able to hold space for me during our sessions and she guided me from confusion to clarity thanks to her relevant questions that gave me the chance to connect the dots by myself."
- Naomi D.
"Raquel really helped me out with certain issues and areas in my life that I knew were problems but did not really know how to deal with them. Through her coaching, it helped me to find alternative ways to deal with the areas in my life that I was struggling to handle. Additionally, with her help, I began to find I needed to better understand my own personal needs in order to grow. She was extremely helpful in helping me realize these certain things and helpful to work with me on self growth."
- Dante M.
"Raquel has a talent for asking thought-provoking questions which always prompt me to reflect on my life, beliefs, and actions in a new, clearer light. She is an empathetic and active listener who has made me feel comforted and supported. Working with Raquel has made me feel that I have the full power to effect positive change in my life."
- Jessica B.


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