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The go-to program for spiritual women who are ready to create a magnetic energy and become stunned by how great their life becomes. 


The go-to program for spiritual women who are ready to create a magnetic energy and become stunned by how great their life becomes. 

Tell me if this sounds like you:

SHE IS MAGNETIC is the tried-and-true system to help you go from stuck and stagnant → to becoming a magnetic force, effortlessly attracting financial abundance, career opportunities, and love into your life.

“I gained an immense amount of clarity in terms of my life purpose and how to harness my intuition to inch closer to it. My manifestation practice in particular has soared to new heights and has become a part of my daily routine. I’ve manifested a new romance and career opportunities that I never knew were possible, especially in the short time frame it’s all taken place in. Raquel’s radiant energy has inspired me in more ways than one and I’m excited to continue my practice with her guidance!” 

 Lauren  past client

“I am now feeling so positive & content and at peace. I’ve never felt this my whole life. I stay away from chaos & toxic energies because I don’t align with them anymore. I have the strength to set boundaries & I am truly living my best life.” 

 Zarka  past client

Trust me, I’ve been there too.

I had good intentions. I knew I was meant for more, but I felt stuck. I didn’t know what my purpose was. I wasn’t sure where to start. I was struggling with my habits and having a hard time manifesting healthy relationships. My moods were up and down and my energy was never consistent. 

After my breakup, I decided I needed to work on myself. I knew I deserved better and that it was possible to get everything I desired, I just didn’t know how… 

The first place I started on my personal development journey was self-love. Once I healed my relationship with myself, I dove into my spirituality. I learned how to connect with the loving energy of the universe that exists within each and every one of us. I learned how to manifest miracles by removing my subconscious blocks that told me I was unworthy….

Once I was divinely connected to myself and Spirit, magnetic energy was beginning to radiate out of me. 

 I knew it was time to share the love I activated with the world by following my purpose. I committed to living a life of service and created a business to help others learn how to love themselves. 

Little did I know I was discovering the formula to creating a magnetic energy. 

I became so magnetic I manifested moving to my dream apartment in LA & Costa Rica. I gained 65,000 followers on Instagram, created my own business, manifested aligned friendships, my dream body, respectful men, princess treatment AND most importantly, I manifested true happiness. 

I no longer feel stuck. I don’t just have clarity on what I am supposed to do with my life. I have the opportunities flowing into my life naturally. I live a life of appreciation. I wake up with purpose. I feel joy. I love myself and the life I’ve created. It feel so good to feel happy and peaceful, and on the days that I fall off track I have the exact tools to call my energy back. 



Introducing SHE IS MAGNETIC: the go-to program for spiritual women who are ready to create a magnetic energy and become stunned by how great their life becomes. 

Here’s why this is different than anything else out there:

Imagine how incredible it's going to feel when...

Good things start to flow effortlessly into your life. The soulmate. The dream job. The inner peace. The friendships. The vacations. Your life not only reflects how magnetic you are but you feel it in your bones. You know you are so abundant and you can get anything you desire. You fully believe in yourself and your worth. People are constantly asking you how you did it. They tell you how much you’re glowing and how beautiful you are. You feel so proud of yourself for investing in your personal development. You feel so supported by the universe and excited for the future. Things are finally working out for you. You stop and think to yourself, “Holy shit… It worked. I’m glowing. I love myself. I love who I am and I love my life.”

Ready to join SHE IS MAGNETIC?

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

SHE IS MAGNETIC runs for 6 weeks, starting May 19th and includes…

Total Value: $3,082.00

Today's Price: $297.00

2 Monthly Payments of


Single Payment of


Enrollment closes May 5th. 

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Send an email to and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Did you know self-love is the most magnetic energy of them all?

When we prioritize loving ourselves deeply and unconditionally, we emit a powerful vibration that draws in all we desire. It’s the missing piece of the manifestation puzzle. When we love ourselves fully, we align with the frequency of our desires, allowing them to flow to us with ease and grace. From career success to soulmate connections, from financial abundance to vibrant health, self-love infuses every aspect of our existence with magic and miracles. Remember this: the key to manifesting your dreams lies in the boundless love you have for yourself. 


Week 1: Self-Love

In week 1-3 we’ll focus on the 3 pillars of self-love: self-acceptance, self-care and self-respect. 


Week #2: Self-Love

After practicing self-acceptance, we will move onto self-care. Think about it, the most attractive people in the room are always the ones who take really good care of themselves. 


Week #3: Self-Love

The last part of self-love is learning how to respect yourself: self-respect. By embodying self-respect, you communicate to the universe your inherent worthiness and deservingness of love, respect, and fulfillment in all areas of your life.


Week #4: Spirituality

Now that the pre-work is done, this is the part where you move onto making a strong connection with your spirituality and learn how to become a magnetic force. 


Week #5: Spirituality

Now that you are connected to the loving energy of the universe, we will move on to relaxing into your feminine energy, manifesting miracles and receiving your blessings with open arms. 


Week #6: Service

Now that you’ve activated the love you have for yourself and the loving energy of the universe, it’s time to share your love in service of others through your purpose


“After every session I always felt satisfied because you have provided many strategies to help me advance in my life. You exceeded my expectations in every way possible and every session has truly helped me with my transformation; because even my loved ones have noticed the changes I started doing since our first session. I am glad I found such a caring and kind person who is passionate about coaching! I rate more than 5 stars!”

– ELOISA G. (coaching client)

You can spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to love yourself, spending a lot more time than you need to, and making more mistakes than necessary …

Or you can hop into SHE IS MAGNETIC and get the shortcut.

Total Value: $3,082.00

Today's Price: $297

or 2 payments of $168

2 Monthly Payments of


Single Payment of


Enrollment closes May 5th.

Need help ordering or have questions?

Send an email to and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Q: Who is SHE IS MAGNETIC for? Should I join?

The SHE IS MAGNETIC is for spiritual women who are ready to create a magnetic energy and become stunned by how great their life becomes. If you have struggled to manifest your desires, fully love yourself and feel fulfilled with where you are in life, this program is made for you.

Q: Will I get instant access?

The first pre-recorded workshop is released Sunday, May 19th, 2024. After that you’ll receive one workshop per week until the completion of the course. All worksheets, meditations and exercises will be released on the same schedule.

Q: What is your refund policy?

I’m confident you’ll see results inside SHE IS MAGNETIC. If for some extremely rare reason the strategies inside this course don’t work for you, show us your work within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your purchase.

Q: What if I need additional support?

We will begin with a live kick off call to answer any questions and review the program. There will be options to opt into Psychic Medium Readings and 1 on 1 Coaching sessions. And there will be a group chat and direct messaging to help support you on your journey.


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