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A Self-love & Wellness Retreat...

Designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and radiating with positive energy!

Expect to feel connected, grounded, nourished and more in love with yourself than ever before. 

6 Days, 5 Nights – Women Only*

Hosted in a Massive Luxury Villa at Forbes Top Rated Most Beautiful Beaches in Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio.

SAVE THE DATE: August 12th – August 17th




Yourself in the ultimate retreat experience nestled within the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica.

Picture yourself relaxing in a luxurious villa overlooking mesmerizing ocean and jungle views, uplifting yourself through self-love and empowerment workshops, rejuvenating yoga classes, and transformative healing ceremonies.

Feel the rhythm of African dance classes energizing your spirit and the thrill of zip-lining through the lush canopy. Imagine your heart expanding, your self-love strengthening and your appreciation for life multiplying. With the perfect blend of self-care, new experiences, and personal development, this retreat promises to be an unforgettable journey of connection to yourself, nature, and sisterhood.

Join us for an experience of a lifetime!



NOTE: The price you see is per person and includes all of the retreat activities! Please choose your room of choice and opt into the payment plan by Friday, April 12th or pay in full to secure your spot!

Private: 1 King Bed - $2,997

SOLD OUT. Sleeps 1, or 2 if requested. Perfect for personal space and time to yourself. Includes Private Bathroom.

Private: 1 King Bed - $2,887

1 Room left. Sleeps 1, or 2 if requested. Perfect for personal space and time to yourself. Includes Shared Bathroom outside the room.

Private: 1 Queen Bed - $2,799

3 Rooms left. Sleeps 1. Perfect for personal space and time to yourself. Includes Private Bathroom

Shared Room: 2 Queens - $2,666

1 Room left. Sleeps 2 people. You will be matched with a roommate unless you are bringing a friend! Includes Shared Bathroom outside the room.

Shared Room: Bunk Beds - $2,333

Perfect for community and connection. Think sleep away camp vibes! Sleeps 6. Includes Shared Bathroom outside the room. 

Coming with a friend? Got questions? Don’t stress. Just shoot me an email and I’ll answer within 24-48 hours:




Hi, I’m Raquel! I am the founder of The Healthy Habit Bootcamp™ and owner of Raquel Rose Coaching LLC. 
I could not be more excited to invite you to my home in Costa Rica!!! This experience is one that I hold near and dear to my heart.

I can’t wait to share the magic of Costa Rica, plus all of the healing techniques and modalities that I used to transform my life and help so many of my clients shine from the inside out.

The energy here is unlike anywhere else. It’s a truly healing experience just being in the presence of the lush jungle and exotic beaches. Your energy is guaranteed to become magnetic.

We will have the perfect balance of exercise, excursions, delicious foods, exploration, self-discovery, healing ceremonies, community gatherings and time alone. 

AND we get one of the largest luxury villas in the area with an infinity pool all to ourselves! 🥳


Why you should go on a retreat...

Are you ready to go to Costa Rica?

Got questions? Don’t stress. Just shoot me an email and I’ll answer within 24-48 hours:

Terms of Service for Rejuvenate and Radiate Retreat

This agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between Raquel Rose Coaching LLC (“Host”) and the participants (“Participants”) of the Rejuvenate and Radiate Retreat (“Retreat”) taking place in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica on August 12, 2024 – August 17, 2024.

1. Retreat Description:

The Retreat is designed to provide Participants with an immersive experience focused on self-love, wellness practices, and personal growth. The Retreat includes various activities, workshops, and excursions aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

2. Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Participants are required to pay 25% of the specified fee for the Retreat to secure their reservation. The deadline to opt into the payment plan is April 12th, 2024. Alternatively, participants may choose to pay the full Retreat fee upon registration. If Participants opt into the payment plan before April 12th, the payment plan will commence monthly based on that date. Participants agree to make a 25% payment once per month for four months, with the first payment due on the date of opting into the plan. Subsequent payments are due on the same day of each following month. By opting into the payment plan, you authorize our team to charge the card on file for each installment. Once opted into the payment plan, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure payment of the entirety of the plan. Refunds will not be issued for any reason, including cancellations or changes in participants’ plans. The Retreat fee is non-refundable. Failure to make any scheduled payments may result in cancellation of participation in the Retreat.

3. Assumption of Risk:

Participants acknowledge and understand that participation in the Retreat may involve physical activities, outdoor excursions, and other experiences that carry inherent risks. By attending the Retreat, Participants voluntarily assume all risks associated with such activities and agree to release Raquel Rose Coaching LLC from any liability for injury, illness, or damage that may occur during the Retreat.

4. Responsibility for Personal Belongings:

Participants are responsible for their personal belongings and valuables throughout the duration of the Retreat. Raquel Rose Coaching LLC is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage to Participants’ belongings during the Retreat.

5. Photography and Media Release:

Participants consent to the use of their likeness, voice, and image in photographs, videos, and other media captured during the Retreat for promotional purposes by Raquel Rose Coaching LLC. Participants waive any right to compensation or approval for such use.

6. Food Allergies and Excursions:

Participants are responsible for disclosing any food allergies or dietary restrictions to Raquel Rose Coaching LLC prior to the Retreat. Raquel Rose Coaching LLC will make reasonable efforts to accommodate Participants’ dietary needs but is not liable for any allergic reactions or adverse effects resulting from food consumed during the Retreat. Additionally, any trips and excursions organized as part of the Retreat are undertaken at the Participants’ own risk, and Raquel Rose Coaching LLC is not responsible for any injuries or incidents that may occur during such activities.

7. Disclaimer of Liability:

Participants understand and agree that Raquel Rose Coaching LLC, its employees, agents, and representatives shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from or related to the Retreat, including but not limited to personal injury, illness, property damage, or loss of enjoyment.

8. Agreement to Terms:

By registering for the Retreat, Participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.


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